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Stamping and forming technology


Stamping and forming technology

With our extensive machinery we produce high quality and precise stamped and bent metal parts. Depending on the type of press, stamping, progressive and transfer tools are used. In addition to automatic punching machines with coil feed, metal parts can also be processed in manual insertion presses.


Our certifications according to DIN ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 ensure a constant quality and thus the compliance with customer requirements by means of tests accompanying the series production. Due to our fast reaction time, new projects and/or relocations are flexibly implemented for our customers in shortest time.


The following plants belong to our machinery:

- Automatic punching presses ( excenter, hydraulic and servo presses) from 160 - 630 t.; above 630 t. with transfer technology
- Manual insertion presses ( excenter and hydraulic presses) from 25 - 400 t.


The following materials are processed in the stamping and forming area:

- strip material from 20 - 1.300 mm width and 0,3 - 8,0 mm thickness
- Steel
- Stainless steel
- Non-ferrous metals


We can offer the following after-treatments with our partners:

- Vibratory grinding / Trowalising
- Galvanizing
- Galvanic coatings
- Thermal treatments
- KTL and powder coating

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