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Laser cutting and bending


Laser cutting and bending

With our laser system, even complex contours can be cut without problems. Contour changes are immediately implemented by our programmers so that our customers receive their individually adapted product. Laser cutting is characterised in particular by high precision, cutting speed and quality.


The flat blanks can subsequently be bent on our bending press. Parts from 10mm to 3000mm in length, from small batches to extensive bending work, can be economically produced on the machine.


The following laser system is part of our machine park:

- Trumpf TruLaser 3030


The following materials, strengths and sizes are processed:

- sheet material up to 1500 x 3000mm
- Steel up to 15mm
- Stainless steel up to 10mm
- Aluminium up to 5mm


The following bending machine belongs to our machine park:

- Trumpf TrumaBend V2300


The following bent parts can be processed:

- Part length up to max. 3000mm
- Bending pressure up to max. 230to.

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