WKF Metallwarenfabrik,
Am Unterwege 10 99610 Sömmerda
+49 3634 6812-0

Our Services

Process development

Comprehensive project support – from a qualified offer to the initial sampling of the component           

Tooling manufacture & design

From the design and construction to the maintenance of tools – we offer you a wide range of services

Stamping & forming technology

With our state-of-the-art machinery we produce high-precision stamped and bent parts from metal, non-ferrous metal and alumininium

Laser cutting & bending

We dispose of modern laser cutting and bending technology to serve you for smaller quantities and special solutions

Welding & joining technology

The use of several different welding and joining techniques enables us to offer you a variety of solutions

Relocation Management

We are specialised in short-term relocation of stamping- and welding processes. Whether 1 month or 1 year, we can help you


In 2017, we have

10000 t

of processed material

0 M

manufactured parts

0 h

our reaction time

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